How We Work

We make it easy when it comes to moving day for our customers. The first step Is to call our call center and answer 5 short questions and our mobile salesperson will arrive within 45min upon time and date to do a 15-minute onsite walkthrough for your flat rate quote. The movers will show up on schedule day and time wrap items and you the customer watch us load your furniture on the truck and you the customer follows the truck with GPS to unload/unwrap items and you pay the flat rate you were quoted with no hidden fees Its that simple.

First call our call center and answer 4 quick questions


What day do you want to move? (Date & Time)


Where are you located now? (Address)


Where Is your new location? (Address)


When can you meet with the moving coordinator? (Date & Time)

Our moving coordinator will arrive at your house 45min or less to quote you your flat rate on scheduled date

The moving coordinator will do a 15min walk thorough with you while explaining the importance of your items

Movers first will prep house for move on move day

We use a color code System so we know the exact room your furniture goes.

Need packing no problem our movers are trained and ready

Every item Is placed with a color label before being moved out the room

We make sure your furniture Is packed right and tight

Watch your move Live video and follow your furniture to the new house with GPS through your phone or tablet

We use the most reliable and durable equipment “MAGLINER” using these dollies prevent your floors from getting scratched when moving items upstairs and downstairs

Need wardrobes for your clothes no problem there included with your move no charge

We use speed pak these big boxes are used when there Is a long haul It gets the job done at a much faster pace when there Is small items

We use T.V boxes to protect your flat screen T.V no matter the size included with your move no charge

When It comes to moving and protecting your T.V can be a tricky process If not using a T.V box. Just using one pad to cover the T.V do not protect from It from being damage, especially If your T.V Is not packed correctly inside the truck (BEWARE). The correct way to transport any flat screen T.V Is by using a T.V box and wrapping a pad over the T.V and placing inside a T.V box also protecting the corners with cushion gives It complete protection.



How to avoid unexpected costs and fees.

 Avoiding extra cost and fees with any moving company can be a challenge, here are some important steps you can take.

  1. Never book your move over the phone
  2. Get a onsite estimate for your move
  3. Make sure everything Is packed and ready
  4. Choose a company that offers a flat rate price/no hidden fees.
  5. Make sure company don’t charge a percentage of the bill to charge card

Move day can become a disaster If not taking the proper steps when moving.  There are plenty components to think about when moving, but knowing exactly what your paying for Is the most important, makes move day a lot less stressful



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Being prepared Is the most important before move day relocating can be frustrating and a hassle If not organized here Is some steps and advice from our Master's of the moving industry.

1. Make sure the big truck has a parking spot to pick up (load) and dropoff (unload)
2. Make sure all small items are packed In boxes and label them.
3. When packing make sure you completely fill the box leave no space fill box with packing paper make sure box Is properly closed.
4. Unplug all electronics and disconnect wires 
5. Make