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Why use Certified movers?

Most people don’t believe there Is a skill for moving furniture, well there Is. Using a company that has Certified movers, knows how to use equipment properly when moving furniture that will prevent damage from occurring or accidents. We use our training to make moving flow like water by implementing the organized system to your move.

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How do you choose the right moving company? 

Looking for the right moving company that you can trust can be exhausting there are tons, but which one Is right for you. First, pick a fully insured company that way your items are protected, next look at the quality of the company like uniforms, are the movers Certified, how do they charge and what’s included with my move. Flat rate company with no hidden fees might be the best option for guaranteed satisfaction.

Why should you use a moving company?  

The first thing you ask yourself when moving; “should I hire movers”? Moving can take a turn for the worst, causing damage to your furniture, take two or more days to move, also you can injure yourself that could be life-changing. Moving furniture takes skill to prevent damage, injuries and move you to the new house within hours, don’t take the risk hire movers.

Moving Tips

Being prepared Is the most important before move day relocating can be frustrating and a hassle If not organized. Here Is some steps and advice from our Master’s of the moving industry

Make sure the big truck has a parking spot to pick up (load) and dropoff (unload)

Make sure all small items are packed In boxes and label them.

When packing make sure you completely fill the box leave no space fill box with packing paper make sure box Is properly closed.

Unplug all electronics and disconnect wires

Make sure pathway Is clear inside house put dogs and cats away

Make sure you have keys and access to the new place



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Certified pakers/loaders

Watch your move through live video

Flat rate moving company !!!

Follow your furniture with GPS

Full coverage cargo insurance included